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It is part of Neil's christian belief that it is right to share some of our success with others. Denmark Street Dental Practice Ltd therefore has a policy of giving 10% of our profits to charitable organisations. We try to focus on small, low-tech organisations who make their money go a long way, in keeping with our Practice policy of 'making a difference to individuals'. This year we have had the pleasure of helping the following;

Mercy Trucks; This is a very practical low-tech organisation which takes customised containers to places of need, building homes shattered by disaster, schools and medical centres, digging wells. At present they are operating in Sri Lanka, Ukraine, Mexico, Haiti and several West African states out of Gineau Bissau. In 2008, we helped to get a mobile dental truck ready for the Ukraine providing a service to orphanages and old folks homes (areas of society often marginalised for services). Last year and this year we have been able to help provide medical/dental units for West Africa. For more information, please visit

DentAid; Imagine your dentist has over a million patients and its a 3 day journey to get to him/her! This organisation puts together packages of robust dental equipment and trains people in how to maintain the equipment (in remote areas of the world there isn't a dental engineer who can just pop in and fix things!). Much of the equipment has been donated and we have been able to pass on such things as autoclaves when we updated recently. We have sponsored bike rides/runs etc which raises funds for local groups around the world who struggle to raise the funds to access these packages. For more information visit

Glass Slipper Appeal; This is a North-East charity which raises money for the treatment and research into Breast Cancer. If you see any signed photos of celebrities around the practice, thats where they came from!! For more information please visit

Some of our Patients & Colleagues; have been involved in various charty stunts that we have been happy to support;

Well done Barbara (sky diving for Marie Curie), Peter (zip slide from the Baltic for St Clares Hospice) and others for Children in Need.

EABrazil; We have sponsered a new dentist (Dr Sullen) at the Katriona M Graham Centre in Patos, Brazil who took up her post on 1st Oct 2008. This will be an ongoing committment for our Practice. EAB also works with the local poor, children and elderly providing a range of help throughout the community. Find out more at

Girl India; This is an organisation whose original project was set up in Vijayawada, Andra Pradesh which we have committed to long-term support. Neil's daughter Fiona spent a year out there working with some of the 25,000 homeless and abandoned children. A new home has recently been set up by Radhika, one of the people Fiona worked with, to care for some of these children; some as young as four years old just left to fend for themselves. They are caring for 26 girls, whom we have a long-term committment to help support. The organisation (which is managed by a local North-East lady, Wynne Cliffe, has also started a centre based in the Nepal, aimed at helping girls to access education. They don't have a website (soon!!) but we have some leaflets if anyone is interested; just ask our receptionists.

More recently Girl India has also started to support girls in Nepal by providing the raw materials and employing someone to make school uniforms for the local girls. The cost of uniforms is usually the financial barrier which prevents girls being sent to school. This lack of education then reflects on the own family life, nutrition, financial awareness etc. By giving them the chance of an education, the cycle of poverty in the next generation can be broken.

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