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If you are in pain during practice hours, please telephone and every effort will be made to see you as soon as possible.

If after the practice is closed you have an acute dental emergency that you feel will not wait until the practice opens emergency advice is available exclusively for our registered regular patients. The callout fee to re-open the practice out-of-hours is £100 (or £20 for denplan patients). Please telephone 07767476915 for advice from our duty dentist.


My tooth has fractured and the sharp edge is cutting my gum; Obviously this will need a filling when you can get in to see us, but in the meantime try covering the sharp edge with some chewing gum! Yes its a bit 'Heath Robinson' but it will help!

My tooth aches all the time and is worse with hot drinks and the pain eases with cold drinks; This is a classic symptom of a half dead tooth; its not quite an abcess yet but it needs urgent treatment to release a build-up of gas inside the tooth. Dont sit on this one; let us know!!

If you have a continuous ache it is likely to be an abscess or the beginnings of one. If the tooth is tender to touch then you probably have an abscess. DONT be tempted to use any external heat such as hot water bottles. It might seem to ease the pain but you'll only spread the infection all around your face. Try using hot (about cup of tea temperature) salty water held in the mouth next to the sore tooth. Repeat this 4-6 times daily. The infection gently drains thru the gum and will help to relieve the symptoms. 

How can I be prepared?
We stock temporary cement which you can use to stick your crowns on with to keep you smiling until you can get in to see us,

ask for your 'Dentanurse' kit -

only £8.


My crown/bridge has come out; can I use superglue? Lots of people try, but we wouldn't recommend it! Try a tube of denture fixative (e.g. Dentuhold); this will tack it in so you can smile but is much easier to retrieve and re-fix later. And it won't superglue your lips together either.....

One of our patients recommended the temporary dental adhesive from ASDA.  Its quite easy to use.

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