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Maxi-Z Implants

As a result of experience with the one piece ‘midi’ implant systems,  Osteocare developed a two-piece system; Maxi-Z implant. This allows the implant to be placed flush with the gum like a conventional implant and is usually left to fuse with the bone for 12 weeks before attaching the second stage.

This second stage can then be angled for maximum aesthetics. These are best for patients where the bone is too narrow for conventional full-sized implants but where it will be difficult to achieve adequate splinting whilst the bone fuses with the implant or where aesthetics might be compromised by a straight one-piece implant. 

This system has been developed to allow single crowns, small bridges or overdenture retaining studs to be placed in a very simple procedure similar to having a filling ! 

Often these implants can be placed where your bone is just too narrow to accept a full sized implant  


The placement of the implant takes only a few minutes and is very similar to the one-piece midi implant system. Under local anesthetic, the gum is punctured by a tiny bur and the implant introduced gently through the gum with minimum fuss. There is not usually any need for stitches in the gum as the puncture site is so small.


Making the Crowns;

After the bone has fused with the implant, an abutment post is attached and a temporary crown or bridge may be placed. Often the impression for the definitive crown/bridge can be taken at this visit or shortly after.

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