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Does your partner keep you awake half the night snoring? Do you end up sleeping in another room? WE HAVE THE ANSWER!!

Neil is trained in assessing snoring cases and we now use the most effective mouthguard system we have ever used to combat snoring and bring relief. Unlike other systems we have used in the past WE HAVE YET TO SEE A FAILED CASE!!

The Sleepwell Mandibular Advancement Splint (MAS) consists of a custom-made upper and lower gumshield with a soft inner surface for comfort and retention and a unique clip which when connected, holds the lower jaw forwards but still allows sideways jaw movement. Thus the wearer doesnt feel the jaws are 'locked' in one position.

With the lower jaw, and therefore the tongue, prevented from falling back, the wearer's airway is kept open and the snoring and sleep apnoea are prevented.

The girlfriend of one of our patients refused to go away on holiday until he got the snoring sorted. As he later wrote '...the weekend was a great success and she is very pleased she can get some sleep in the same room....'

Cost of the MAS is £350. If you are still not sure, then we can give you a soft one-piece Sleepwell Snoreshield for the special price of £10. It won't be as good but if you get any benefit at all then it's worth investing in a Sleepwell MAS.

One of our staff Fiona has used the MAS herself (in fact she was our guinea pig) and she would be happy to talk about her experience with the device; please ask to speak to her.

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