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Endodontic (or Root Canal) treatment is a means of saving a tooth in which the nerve (or pulp) has been diseased or damaged by trauma, infection or deep decay. If the pulp in the tooth is irreversibly damaged, endodontic treatment or extraction is needed.

Signs a tooth needs endodontic treatment include pain, prolonged sensitivity to hot and cold, tenderness to touch or chewing, discolouration of the tooth and swelling in the gum next to the tooth. Sometimes there are no symptoms.

Endodontic treatment saves a tooth by removing the inflamed or infected pulp inside the tooth. Using a light operating microscope, the inside of the tooth is carefully cleaned and shaped and a filling is placed in the root in the space of the old nerve.

Referrals are taken for management of complex cases. We are equipped with state of the art operating microscopes to allow visualisation of the complex root canal system to allow more effective treatments. We take referrals from dentists in the Newcastle Upon Tyne and wider north east area. Combined periodontal/ endodontic lesions are managed in a combined multi-discplinary approach with Andrew offering endodontic input and Neil specialist periodontal input.

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